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Adding to the Unofficial National Register of U.S. Geoheritage Sites

Currently, there is no comprehensive national registry that includes all geoheritage sites in the United States worthy of preservation. In order to help coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect America's geoheritage resources, the National Park Service's Geologic Resources Division is building an internet-based registry to list significant sites.

Please use the outline below to submit records for geoheritage sites via the email link at the bottom of this page. The register will contain records for individual sites and/or records for multi-site Systems or existing Registries. Multi-site systems and Registry records will be linked to the system's internet homepage for more information on individual sites.


  • Participation is voluntary;
  • Land owner approval is needed to have the listing published;
  • Listing does not affect land status or ownership rights;
  • No financial support is being offered or implied;
  • Listings may be removed at the owner's request.

Data Gathering Format

• Information needed for site listing

  1. Site name (individual site or multi-site system) •
  2. Site location - State(s) •
  3. Site location - County •
  4. Site location - City
  5. Current designation • (e.g. regional park, national landmark, open space)
  6. Managing agency or organization • (e.g. Texas State Parks, Jefferson County Open Space)
  7. Main geoheritage feature(s) • (Please provide a brief description or list of the main geoheritage feature(s) of the site.)
  8. Geologic time period represented (Please provide a general time period or age range for the significant feature(s) of the site.)
  9. Feature/process categories • (Please include all categories that are significant to the listing of this site.)
  • Caves and karst
  • Coastal features
  • Desert landscapes
  • Dune systems
  • Fluvial landforms and river valleys
  • Fossils—history of life
  • Geothermal
  • Glaciers and glacial landscapes
  • Human use of geoheritage
  • Mountains and tectonism
  • Volcanic features
  • Other
  1. Significance statement • (Please provide a brief value(s)-based significance statement for the site based on its aesthetic, artistic, cultural, ecological, economic, educational, recreational, and/or scientific qualities.)
  2. Geographic Significance • (Estimate significance level based on rarity and quality of the site.)
  • World-class ("universal")
  • Hemisphere
  • North America
  • United States and Territories
  • Lower 48 States
  • Regional multi-state
  • State
  • Locally important
  • Other
  1. The best contact email address for this listing
  2. Has the landowner given permission for public listing? •
  3. Is the site open to public visitation? •
  4. URL—Official site-specific website address (if one exists)
  5. URL—Official website address of site owner or manager
  6. URL—Address of image file for a logo or photograph to accompany this listing.
  7. Additional Notes, Comments, or URLs

All Submittals

Please send geoheritage site submittal information via email using the link below. Your answers may be sent in the body of the email or included as an attachment.

Email: Unofficial National Register of Geoheritage Sites

Thank You!

Thank you for being an active participant in conserving America's Geoheritage Legacy.

Last updated: September 29, 2021


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