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    six fossil brachiopods
    A new rotund atrypid brachiopod species found in the summer of 2010
    in Adams Inlet, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska.

    NPS photo in Proceedings of the 2011 George Wright Society Conference.

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    • An Inventory of Paleontological Resources from Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska. R.B. Blodgett, V.L. Santucci, L. Sharman. Proceedings of the GWS Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites. 2011. [568 KB PDF]
    • Interpreting a Billion-Year Record of Life Preserved Throughout the National Park System. V.L. Santucci. Legacy. 2011. [261 KB PDF]
    • An Overview of National Park Service Paleontological Resources from the Parks and Monuments in Utah. V.L. Santucci and J.I. Kirkland. in D.A. Sprinkel, T.C. Chidsey Jr., and P.B. Anderson (eds.), Geology of Utah's Parks and Monuments, Utah Geological Association Publication 28 (third edition). 2010. [5.07 MB PDF]
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    • An Inventory of Paleontological Resources Associated with Caves in Grand Canyon National Park. J.P. Kenworthy, V.L. Santucci, and K.L. Cole. in C. van Riper III, and K.L. Cole (eds.), The Colorado Plateau: Cultural, Biological, and Physical Research. 2004. [1.63 MB PDF]
    • Dinosaur Tracks from the Cedar Mountain Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Arches National Park, Utah. M.G. Lockley, D. White, J. Kirkland, and V.L. Santucci. Ichnos, Vol. 11. 2004. [2.3 MB PDF]
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    • Oil and Gas Management Planning and the Protection of Paleontological Resources: A Model Application at Lake Meredith and Alibates Flint Quarries. V.L. Santucci, A.P. Hunt, and L. Norby. Park Science, Vol. 21, No. 1. 2001. [1.8 MB PDF]
    • A Paleontological Approach to Managing Paleontological Resources. V.L. Santucci. Ranger. 1999. [73 KB PDF]
    • Battling Vandalism: Geologic resource protection training increases park vigilance. V.L. Santucci. Natural Resource Year in Review. 1999. [229 KB PDF]
    • Early Discoveries of Dinosaurs From North America and the Significance of the Springfield Armory Dinosaur Site. V.L. Santucci. 1998. [79 KB PDF]
    • Paleontological Resources Management. V.L. Santucci. Geologic Resources Division Annual Report. 1998. [421 KB PDF]
    • Plant Fossils Discovered in Badlands National Park. J. Shuler and V.L. Santucci. Park Science, Vol. 6, No. 3. 1986. [594 KB PDF]

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