Form and Data Sheet Elements

What Are These Elements?

Form-based elements (of which there is only currently one).

Lost & Found Element

Below is the lost and found element; it is basically an email submission form, like our usual "contact us" email form, but with the option of attaching an image. It has an optional header section, and you can customize the "thank you" type message that shows up when someone submits an email. This lets you add details like the timeline they can expect a response.

Report Your Lost & Found Items Here

  • You may choose to provide additional information such as your address or phone number. We may use that information to contact you if we find your item or if we have more questions. Sometimes we forward your e-mail to other government employees or authorized concessioners who may be better able to help you. Except for authorized law enforcement investigations, we do not share our e-mail with any other outside organizations.

    Required information
  • Information about the owner

  • Information about the lost item
  • Should be Empty:
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Park Planning Element (PEPC)

Below is a PEPC element. It can be configured to show data for one or more parks. In this example, it is configured to look up all the parks in Alaska*.
  • The top section of the element will display any documents in the PEPC system which are currently open for comment. If none are, a default message displays to say that there is currently nothing open for public comment.
  • The lower section of the element offers a link to the document archive for whatever park(s) you typed into the element when you configured it.
Every park should add this element to their main Planning page, within the Get Involved section of their site; as well as any other relevant area that they deem appropriate.

* Ok, it's not showing 100% of the parks in Alaska, due to laziness of the web author setting up this example.

Documents Open for Public Review

    Other Plans and Projects

    Additional projects may be listed on the following pages:

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    Park Species List

    The example below shows the park species element. This calls upon data from IRMA's NPSpecies program, and you can configure it to show results from one or more parks. You'll note that it does not have any kind of optional or required header, so if you want to add a header (and maybe some descriptive text), use a text element above the park species element to do so.

    Before using, be sure to check with your local biologists to ensure your park(s) data in NPSpecies is accurate and up-to-date. Any changes made in NPSpecies will be reflected automatically in this element, however, so once you add it to your site, you won't need to think about it again.

    Select a Park:

    Select a Species Category (optional):

    List Differences

    Search results will be displayed here.

    Visit NPSpecies for more comprehensive information and advanced search capability. Have a suggestion or comment on this list? Let us know.

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    Spot the Station Element

    Below is a widget developed by NASA. You can add this to a page on your website by configuring it to show details for a given park.

    Optional Header Goes Here

    Optional intro text, where you can add some context to seeing the International Space Station from your park.

    Last updated: July 9, 2018

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