Partner Publications

Are you looking to expand your cultural landscape library?

In addition to the essential cultural landscape references, here are some partner publications and hardcover editions to consider.
  • Landmarks in the Landscape: Historic Architecture in the National Parks of the West by Harvey H. Kaiser (1997) Chronicle Books: ISBN 0811818543
  • Park and Recreation Structures by Albert H. Good (1999) Princeton Architectural Press: ISBN 1568981716
  • Wilderness by Design: Landscape Architecture and the National Park Service by Ethan Carr (1999) University of Nebraska Press: ISBN 080326383X
  • Mission 66 Visitor Centers: The History of a Building Type by Sarah Allaback (2000) Government Printing Office: Stock Number 024-005-01204-4
  • An Architectural Guidebook to the National Parks: California, Oregon, Washington by Harvey H. Kaiser (2002) Gibbs Smith: ISBN 1-58685-066-0
  • An Architectural Guidebook to the National Parks: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas by Harvey H. Kaiser (2003) Gibbs Smith: ISBN 1-58685-068-7
  • America’s National Park Roads and Parkways, Drawings from the Historic American Engineering Record edited by Timothy Davis, Todd A. Croteau, and Christopher H. Marston (2004) Johns Hopkins University Press: ISBN 0-8018-7878-0
  • Mission 66: Modernism and the National Park Dilemma by Ethan Carr (2007) University of Massachusetts Press: ISBN 978-1-55849-587-6
  • The National Park Architecture Sourcebook by Harvey H. Kaiser (2008) Princeton Architectural Press: ISBN 978-1-56898-742-2
  • National Park Roads: A Legacy in the American Landscape by Timothy Davis (2016) University of Virginia Press: ISBN 978-0-81393-776-2

Last updated: May 31, 2018