CUA Insurance

Cross-country skiers in Yellowstone National Park
Cross-country skiers in Yellowstone National Park.

National Park Service

CUA holders must carry appropriate liability insurance and provide the NPS with proof of that insurance. General commercial liability in the amount of $500,000 per occurrence is required, though some activities are higher risk (e.g., guided rock climbing) and may require increased coverage. Ultimately, park superintendents determine required coverage amounts so be sure to check specific park CUA websites for more details.

You also may be required to hold other types of liability insurance depending on the type of CUA you have (e.g., commercial automobile insurance).

You cannot require visitors to sign a waiver of liability statement, insurance disclaimer, or indemnification agreement. If you provide high-risk services, you may advise visitors of risks associated with the activity through the use of a visitor acknowledgement of risk form (VAR)(.pdf, 132 KB). If you wish to modify the VAR you may not include "waiver of liability" language and must have park approval before using the modified form.

Last updated: December 16, 2021