Contract Development

The commercial services contract development process identifies contracts expiring soon as well as new visitor service opportunities and takes steps to ensure timeliness and coordination in managing this flow.

How Are Contracts Created?

The National Park Service (NPS) issues prospectuses to solicit offerors for concession contracts. Each prospectus provides important information regarding the park, operations, resource protection, financial data, and investment requirements. It also describes critical components of the concession contract so offerors understand the opportunity and prepare offers accordingly.

How Are Contracts Awarded?

The law requires a competitive selection process for new concession contracts based on the following selection factors.

Principal Selection Factors

  1. How the proposal meets the objectives of protecting, conserving, and preserving resources of the park area.

  2. How the proposal meets the objectives of providing necessary and appropriate visitor services at reasonable rates.

  3. The offeror’s experience and expertise in providing the visitor services.

  4. The financial capability of the offeror to carry out its proposal.

  5. The franchise fee offered.

Secondary Selection Factors

  1. The quality of the offeror’s proposed environmental management including energy conservation, waste reduction and recycling. (This factor is a requirement if the contract is greater than $100,000.)
  2. Other factors specific to the park (optional).

Last updated: January 16, 2020