AFR Frequently Asked Questions

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What is my Concessioner ID (CONCID)?

The concessioner ID is the middle part of your contract number, which can be found on the front page of your contract. If your contract number is CC-BUIS002-07, for example, then your concID is BUIS002.

Who should I contact if I need help with my AFR?

Call Jamie Paradise at 303.987.6919, Pam Buckner at 303.501.2266, or email AFR Submission.

Can I submit a paper copy of the AFR instead of an electronic copy?

No, unless there are extenuating circumstances. If submitting an electronic copy creates a hardship for you, submit a written request to the superintendent of your park describing the hardship and requesting permission to submit a paper copy. If the superintendent approves your request, make two copies of your AFR; send one to your park and one to the WASO office. This approval is granted on an annual basis only, a written request to submit a paper copy would have to be submitted each year.

Can I add other worksheets to the AFR Excel file?

No, if other worksheets are added to the AFR file, the file will not be able to be processed successfully. However, additional documents can be attached in your email submission.

How do I calculate deductions for Franchise Fees if I use the AFR Short Form?

There is a supplemental Short Form Fees Worksheet available on the AFR website for Short Form users. You should fill in this schedule and submit it as an additional document along with your AFR.

Do any schedules on the AFR still need to be reviewed or audited?

Yes, the AFR Long Form includes space for two years of data on Schedules A, A-1, C, and E. Your CPA should audit your AFR if your revenue is over $1,000,000 or review your AFR if your revenue is $500,000 - $1,000,000. Make sure you submit the Opinion Letter and Notes to the Financial Statements from your CPA with your AFR.

I am required to have my AFR audited or reviewed. How do I submit the opinion letter and other documents from my CPA?

PDF or Word copies of the review or audit documents should be submitted to the AFR website as attachments to the AFR. See the User's Guides for instructions. Also do not lock or protect these files.

What should I do if I realize I made a mistake on my AFR after it has been submitted?

First, let the concessions specialist at your park know about the mistake. Then, reopen your saved Excel copy of the AFR and make the necessary changes. Finally, resend the corrected Excel document to AFR Submissions and indicate that it is a revised submission.

Note: If you have received permission from your Superintendent to submit a hard copy of the AFR, make two copies of the AFR. Send one copy to the Park, and attach a copy of the letter of approval from your Superintendent to the other copy and mail it to the address below.

Mailing Address:
NPS Commercial Services
12795 W Alameda Parkway
Lakewood, CO 80228

Staff Contact Information:
Jamie Paradise, 303.987.6919
Pam Buckner, 303.501.2266

Last updated: January 16, 2020