Junior Ranger Story: The Mystery of the Broken Branch

Overview of a map showing various stops along the Tidal Basin
A map is on each page of the journey to guide you.

Get ready to go on a adventure to solve "The Mystery of the Broken Branch" with Ranger Sarah and a group of kids who discovered a broken cherry blossom branch. Travel around the entire Tidal Basin at the National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington, DC during peak cherry blossom bloom to solve the mystery while learning more about these very special trees. Also see iconic memorials and other important places in our nation's capital along the way!

You can complete this Junior Ranger story while visiting the Tidal Basin in person—or at home! Follow along the stops of a map over 13 chapters and complete the activities in each to earn a virtual Bloomin' Junior Ranger badge!

Start Your Mystery Adventure

Use the list of stops below to follow along with Ranger Sarah and the crew to each of the stops along the Tidal Basin. After you go to all 13 stops and complete the activities, take the Bloomin' Junior Ranger pledge and claim your badge!

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    Take the Bloomin' Junior Ranger Pledge

    Congratulations for solving the mystery! By coming on this adventure and exploring along the way, you have earned your Bloomin' Junior Ranger badge! Now it's your turn to take the pledge:

    I promise to preserve the cherry blossoms.
    I promise to treat the cherry trees respectively.
    I promise to teach others how to do the same.

    You can save or print this Junior Ranger badge. You can even set your badge as the background on your phone or computer!

    A wooden junior ranger badge with a carved cherry blossom sits atop a background of cherry blossoms

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    Last updated: March 25, 2021