Partners & the Centennial

NPS Centennial Challenge
The National Park Service Centennial Challenge is an opportunity to match (at a minimum of 1:1) federal dollars with that of partners to accomplish projects and programs at national parks to prepare them for a second century of service.
Urban Agenda
The Urban Agenda is a National Park Service effort to strategically organize its many urban parks and programs toward building relevancy for all Americans, to connect with their lives where they live, rather than only where some may go to vacation.
NPS Call to Action

A Call to Action rallies all employees and partners to advance a shared vision toward 2016. It describes specific goals and measurable actions that chart a new direction for the National Park Service as it enters its second century.

Every Kid in a Park

Every Kid in a Park is an Administration-wide initiative that gives fourth graders nationwide free access to experience federal lands and waters throughout the 2015-2016 school year in order to connect the children to their cultural and natural heritage.

NPS Centennial Act
Congress and President Obama have provided new tools to help the NPS advance its mission in its next century through the National Park Service Centennial Act, passed and signed in December 2016.