Youth Projects

students in the field during expedition Anadyr
Students from the "Expedition Anadyr'" project watching birds on the tundra near Anadyr.


The Shared Beringian Heritage Program is committed to working with young people and supporting educational projects and opportunities. The program has supported many youth projects over the years, like the "Lost Dances" involving kids from Kotzebue; the Nome Community Center Youth Exchange; the West High School "Expedition Anadyr," and GoNorth!'s "What's Climate Change to You" project. At the 2011 Beringia Days International Conference in Nome, Alaska, a group of young people from around the Beringia region gathered to explore ideas and make recommendations for future youth projects in four subject areas: archeology, cultural preservation, climate change, and subsistence. Some of these recommendations are reflected in current projects and others continue to provide ideas for future collaborations.

Current youth projects supported by the Shared Beringian Heritage Program include the Nome Archaeology Camp, a science and culture camp for students in the Bering Straits and Northwest Arctic region, and the Beringia Seabird Youth Network, a youth exchange for students and teachers in the Pribilof (US) and Commander (Russia) Islands to learn about seabirds common to both regions.

For more details on current or past youth projects and initiatives, contact e-mail us.

Last updated: July 26, 2017