English Translation of Three Scholarly Publications

illustration of Yupik dance moves with Russian text
Dance moves, "Naukan Songs," p.37

Museum Center “Heritage of Chukotka," Anadyr, Russia

Partner: University of Oregon
Contact: Richard Bland
Duration: 1 year (2021-2022)

Numerous works concerning the history and cultures of Beringia remain available either exclusively in English or exclusively in Russian. This project will produce translations of three recently published Russian-language scholarly works to provide English-language readers with access to previously unavailable material. Translations will be published as digital books on the Shared Beringian Heritage website.

The works to be translated are:

“Naukan Melodies” by the Museum Center “Heritage of Chukotka," Anadyr, Russia. The volume documents Yupik and Chukchi songs and dances of the of now-abandoned Naukan and Uelen villages. It provides biographies of prominent Indigenous singers and dancers, the songs in musical notation, and illustrated descriptions of the dance moves.

“Integrated Studies of Island Communities of the Far East,” is a collection of recent research predominantly focused on the Commander Islands, containing articles on wide array of subjects from the islands’ physical setting to the history of local fox farming.

“Margarita Aleksandrovna Dikova: Outstanding Archaeologist of Chukotka: A Biographical Sketch” by Dr. Irina Yu. Ponkratova (Northeast State University, Magadan, Russia) details the life and work of M. A. Dikova, a prolific scholar of Chukotka.

Russian Component: This project aims to promote local, national, and international understanding and preservation of the cultural vitality of the region’s Indigenous peoples and provide opportunities for cultural connections and knowledge exchange through the translation of works on subjects of importance.

Last updated: October 22, 2021