Some of the files listed below are no longer supported for download, please contact us to request files that you would like to have sent to you via email.

Inventory Report 2014

AML Technical Reports

AML Closure Drawings and Specifications

  • NPS Mine Closures Drawings (pdf - 1.6 MB)

  • NPS Mine Closures Specifications (pdf - 613 KB)

Examples of Abandoned Mineral Lands Hazard Warning Signs

NPS AML Presentations

Related Documents

  • Office of Inspector General 2008 Audit Report (pdf - 3MB)

Mining History and Geology Books

Many national park areas feature mining heritage sites that are well described in books that you may find in your local library, park visitor center, university book store, or online.

Ordering from your National Park Cooperative Association's bookstore helps to support programs in the parks. Please visit the bookstore locators below or park websites for park books and much more.

Last updated: October 28, 2022


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