Alabama Regimental Files

Eufaula Light Artillery

Royal, Evans Ezekiel. 1862. Photograph of Evans Ezekiel Royal.

Semple's Battery

Charles, W. T. 1959. Recollections of a Christmas during 'The War' (1862-1863).

First Alabama Cavalry

Presley, William. Letters. 1862-1863.

Smith, John Newton. The Confederate Civil War letters of John Newton Smith. October 13, 1861 - July 27, 1863

Third Alabama Cavalry

Alabama, Her History, Resources. War records of the 3rd Cavalry. 1975

Mims, Wilbur F. War history of the Prattville Dragoons.

Eighth Alabama Cavalry

Wilson, William Gregory. 1991. Yankees! boys. 14th Alabama Cavalry

Fourteenth Alabama Cavalry Battalion

Alabama, Her History, Resources. War records of the 14th Cavalry. 1975

Fifty-first Alabama Cavalry

Martin, Lt. Charles. Soldier's Poignant Letters a New View of Battle of Murfreesboro. 1981

Twelfth Alabama Infantry

Bibb, Willie. Letters.

Sixteenth Alabama Infantry

Hardin, Gene. 1985. It is well that war is so terrible - we should grow too fond of it.

Hill, Andrew Malone. 1958. Personal recollections of Andrew Malone Hill.

McGowin, Alex & A.L.. 1863. Letters to Family.

McGaughey, W. L. Lt. Jan. 8, 1862. Letter to the wife of 2nd Lt. William L Russell informing her of her husband's death.

Ninteenth Alabama Infantry

Bishop, William M. William M. Bishop appears on a list of Cenfederate prisoners who died within the Department of the Cumberland, from December 31, 1862 to March 1, 1863

Doss, Ambrose. 1862-1863. Letters to his wife, Sarah Doss and transcrip.

Palmer, Solomon. 1862. Diary of Solomon Palmer.

Palmer, Solomon. Major Sol. Palmer: death of a distinguished educator and former citizen of Marshall.

Civil War Letters of Ambrose Doss. Oct 1, 1861 - July 6, 1864 Part 1

Civil War Letters of Ambrose Doss. Oct 1, 1861 - July 6, 1864 Part 2

Twenty-second Alabama Infantry

Athey, George. Letters.

Gilliland, William. Letters.

Twenty-fourth Alabama Infantry

Halbert, Henry S. contributor. 1956. Newton N. Davis' Confederate letters.

Tally, J. M. J. Military record of J. M. J. Tally, 2nd Lt. 1861-1864

Twenty-fifth Alabama Infantry

Howell, Captain William P. Battle Narrative from "History of the 25th Alabama Infantry Regiment" (edited by Steven L. Driskell).
Roper, Charles. Service Records of Sgt. Charles W. Roper. 1863

Twenty-sixth Alabama Infantry

Shelton, Matthew Downs. Twenty-sixth Infantry Reunion Photo. ND

Twenty-eighth Alabama Infantry

Montgomery Weekly Advertiser. Casualty List. 1862.

Norman, E. P. 1862. Letters to his family.

Thirty-second Alabama Infantry

Bowling, Robert. Application for Medical Pension. 1 p.

Clements, Jesse C. Muster Rolls and Other Documentation for Lt. Jesse C. Clements.

Smith, J. Morgan. 1863. Letters to Miss Katie D. [unknown last name] from J. Morgan Smith.

Unknown. Photograph of Robert Bowling.

Unknown. Sketch of Robert Bowling.

Thirty-third Alabama Infantry

Anderson, Rosa May. ND. Green beans and an ear of corn.
Dyess, H. J. H.J. Dyess's Military Records. 1862-1863

Fillingim, Jan. 1985. H. Jack Dyess's family sheet.
Gillman, Ambrose Ira. Military records with photo of Ambrose Ira Gillmand with 1899 pension application with cover letter and muster rolls.
Gregory, J. A. J. A. Gregory's application for the relief of Confederate Soldiers And Sailors. 1911

Preston, W. E. ND. Memoirs of the war 1861-65, Company B, 33rd Alabama.

Ramsay, David Whitson. 1923. In memorium of Guilford Ramsay.

"Selma Morning Reporter." Report of the Battle of Stones River. January 27, 1863.

Unknown. ND. Spurling family history.

Thirty-ninth Alabama Infantry

Montgomery Newspaper. Capt. A. H. Flewellen reports the Battle of Murfreesboro. Jan.14, 1863

Standford, Thomas Quincey. Photgraph of Capt. Thomas Quincey with his military history and a letter to his wife. He died at the battle. Jan. 2,1963

Thirty-fourth Alabama Infantry

Maxwell, James Robert. 1926. Autobiography of James Robert Maxwell of Tuskaloosa, Alabam (sic).

Mitchell, James B. The Civil War letters from James B Mitchell. September 9, 1861 - December 14, 1863

Mitchell, James B. The Civil War letters from James B Mitchell. September 9, 1861 - December 14, 1863 Part 2

"Montgomery Weekly Advertiser." List of Casualties. January 4, 1862.

Searcy, Reuben Martin. 1862. Letters of Reuben Martin Searcy.

Warrick, Thomas. Letters.

Fourty-first Alabama Infantry

Scott, James W. ND. Milas L. Scott, Company D, Forty-First Alabama Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.

Sealey, Garrett Edward. 1862. Letter from Garrett Edward Sealey to his brother. typed transcript, photocopy of original.
Sealey, Garrett Edward. Widows Application (Leticia C. Sealey widow of Garrett Edward Sealey). 1892
Wright, J. F. Pension Records of J.F. Wright.

Fourty-fifth Alabama Infantry

Griffin, Elihu. Records of Elihu Griffin.

Griffin, Jeremiah. Records of Jeremiah Griffin.

Watson, P. W. Letter from P. W. Watson to his family: Wife - Mary A. E. Watson. typed transcript, photocopies of originals.1862

Fourty-sixth Alabama Infantry

Hood, W. R. 1862-1863. Letters to wife Sara E. Hood and other family members.

Rodgers, H. R. Military Records of H.R. Rodgers.

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