Group Volunteers


Single Days of Service

For a single day of service, groups can sign up for one of our scheduled Service Days or plan a day for members to work on a service project.

To plan a service project, please call (615)-893-9501 or email You will need:

  1. The name of your organization
  2. Number of volunteers
  3. Preferred day(s)
  4. Which activity you would like to do:
    • Invasive Plant Treatment
    • Litter Cleanup
    • Headstone Cleaning

Stones River National Cemetery Adopt-A-Section

The Stones River National Cemetery includes over 7,000 headstones. Each headstone is a historic marker telling the stories of an individual and the nation for which they fought. If uncared for, the headstones would become unreadable, fall apart, and take pieces of those stories with them. Groups who would like to help us take care of the headstones and preserve the memories of those who served can adopt a section of the cemetery.

Adopt-A-Section groups agree to care for their section by doing three things every year:

  1. Brush clean the section
  2. Spray clean the section
  3. Fill out condition surveys for the section

Stones River National Battlefield provides the supplies for each task.

How to Adopt a Section

Before a group is assigned a section, at least one group leader must go to an Adopt-A-Section leader training. During the training, leaders will learn how to clean headstones and fill out condition surveys.

Group leaders can apply to adopt a section on

Scheduling Work Days

Once a group leader has been trained, groups can work on their section at almost any time. Volunteers should tell park staff when they plan to work at least a week before to allow staff to prepare the supplies.


Eagle Scouts

Scouts who want to complete an Eagle Scout project at Stones River can submit an interest form. The park encourages scouts to visit the battlefield and come up with their own unique project proposals.

Possible projects include:

  • Invasive Plant Management
  • Native Plant Restoration
  • Historic Fence Repair/Construction
  • Cleaning National Cemetery Headstones
  • Trail Maintenance

When submitting your interest form, please include the following information:

  • Troop Number
  • Scout Leader's Name
  • Type of Project
  • Proposed Date(s)

Last updated: June 6, 2018

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