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Become a Virtual Junior Ranger! Download the booklet here

Become a Junior Ranger at Springfield Armory National Historic Site!

The Junior Ranger area in the Visitor Center has fun activities for ages 6 and up that encourage exploration and discovery using the park's museum and exhibits.

  • Learn about David Lyle's "Life-Saving Gun" that threw ropes to ships and crews in distress!
  • Discover the Springfield rifles of the Civil War!
  • Meet the people and explore the inventions that contributed to the American Industrial Revolution!
  • and much more!

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Junior Ranger 2011
A new Junior Ranger poses with his certificate that he earned at Springfield Armory NHS!

Springfield Armory NHS, US NPS

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Follow along with Ranger Pearl as she swears you in as a Springfield Armory National Historic Site Junior Ranger. Congratulations!

Last updated: September 8, 2021

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