Six Tlingit men, five of whom wear ceremonial garb including headdresses and intricately patterned robes.
Photograph of Tlingit in Sitka by E.W. Merrill.
The Tlingit: "People on the Outside of Shee"
Sustained by the ocean for centuries, the Tlingit enjoyed a rich cultural life and established many villages along the panhandle, including Shee Atika on Baranof Island, which meant “people on the outside of Shee."

A map of Russian America.
A map of Russian America

The Russians
The Russians originally came to Alaska in pursuit of valuable sea otter fur. This pursuit led to the Russian colonization of Alaska for over 100 years. The legacy of Russian America can still be seen in Sitka today.

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A close up of a painted portrait of Margaretha Etholen.
Margaretha Etholen, wife of  the first Finnish Chief Manager of the Russian American Company.

The Finnish Connection
The "Finnish Connection" was significant and enduring. Finnish men and women contributed greatly to Russian America and left a lasting impression on Sitka as seen in the Lutheran Church, Russian Bishop's House, and St. Michael's Cathedral.

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