Citizen Science: Crab Surveys

A crab is held and measured as part of citizen science.
Join us as we conduct bi-monthly crab surveys to prevent the spread of invasive species and monitor our native crabs.

Being part of a small island community, the park is concerned about the ecological and economic impact of invasive species. The European Green Crab is an invasive species (originally from Europe) that hasn’t made its way to Alaska yet, but there is a major concern that it could make it up this way (it’s been spotted as far north as British Columbia). Where European Green Crabs have become established, they outcompete native crabs, decimate eel-grass beds, and disproportionately consume clams relative to their size. We conduct bi-monthly surveys to keep a watchful eye on the tidelands to ensure our waters are free of this invasive crab species. In addition to preventative measures, early detection is key for mitigating the impacts of invasive species. The park is currently looking for citizen science volunteers to conduct invasive crab surveys and identify/measure native crabs. If you’re curious about local arthropods and looking for a way to volunteer with Sitka National Historical Park, this is the opportunity for you!

Last updated: October 13, 2018

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