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Roaring River Falls full of spring runoff, cascading over red-brown boulders.
Roaring River Falls full of spring runoff, cascading over rugged boulders.

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Featured Experiences

Roaring River Falls

A 0.10-mile (0.16-km), sloped path leads to views of the canyon and a waterfall. The paved trail is wide with a moderate to steep slope (10% running slope, over 2% cross slope). Slope varies from level landings, increasing to 12% and eventually decreasing to a gentle slope of 6%. The trail ends at small, paved landing.

Parking: The parking area has one designated accessible space directly in front of the trail.

Muir Rock

Muir Rock is located at an area called The Road’s End. Here, you’ll find a short path to Muir Rock, located along the Kings River. This large granite boulder is named in honor of the naturalist John Muir. The trail has a hard-packed dirt surface. Nearby, a wilderness permit office has a rudimentary ramp to access the building and inquire about local trails. Cross the street from the office to reach accessible vault restrooms.

Parking: The Road’s End parking area has one van-accessible parking space and one standard accessible parking space near the wilderness permit station. An additional van-accessible parking space is available immediately adjacent to the restroom.

Kings Canyon Tactile Model

A tactile, bronze relief model illustrating the topography of Kings Canyon can be found adjacent to the entrance to the amphitheater, near the Cedar Grove Visitor Center. This model is at a reachable height for visitors using wheelchairs, is surrounded by level pavement, and is cane detectable.

Other Experiences and Activities

  • Rivers, including designated Wild and Scenic Rivers
  • Wildflowers
  • Fishing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Waterfalls

Facilities and Services

Cedar Grove Visitor Center

The historic Cedar Grove Visitor Center has a narrow doorway and interior, and high entry threshold. While it is not accessible by wheelchair, people with limited mobility can access this visitor center. A lowered pay phone is located outside the visitor center.

Parking: The parking area has two designated accessible spaces located in front of Cedar Grove Visitor Center. Spaces are
slightly sloped, with accessible aisles. A moderately-sloped, paved path leads to accessible restrooms and a water bottle
filling station.

Campgrounds (open seasonally)

Moraine Campground

Sites 71A, 74, 103, 105, and 108 are designated accessible. Each features paved and accessible parking, a level tent site, an accessible picnic table, and a raised grill. There are accessible routes from sites to campground facilities, including an accessible restroom.

Sentinel Campground

Sites 10, 11, 12, and 14 are designated accessible. Each includes accessible parking, an extended picnic table, a raised fire ring, a hard-packed surface and tent site, and a paved route to an accessible restroom via the slightly-sloped campground road. Site 14 has parking for a recreational vehicle.

Canyon View Campground

Campsite C is designated accessible in this group campground. Within the accessible site, four of the six tent pads are accessible. The site includes fire rings with accessible grills, extended picnic tables, and a level and firm natural surface. Access routes leading to parking and accessible restrooms follow wide, slightly-sloped gravel paths.


Assistive listening devices are available for amphitheater programs.

Cedar Grove Amphitheater

Located near Cedar Grove Visitor Center, there is a paved, level, and wide path from the parking area to the gently-sloped
amphitheater. Companion seating is dispersed; one space is available adjacent to the access route and the other is available at the front of the stage.

Parking: The parking area has two designated accessible spaces located in front of Cedar Grove Visitor Center.

Other Facilities and Services

  • Laundry (summer only): The laundry room has a one-inch step at the entrance, and has enough interior space for a wheelchair to maneuver.
  • Accessible Showers (summer only):
  • Roll-in showers with a free-standing bench are available at Cedar Grove Lodge. The key is available at the front desk after tokens are purchased.
  • Pay phones
  • ATM
  • Lodging: Cedar Grove Lodge is operated by Delaware North and does not have designated accessible rooms. A ramp leads to the Cedar Grove Lodge, Restaurant, and store.
  • Cedar Grove Market and Gift Shop: Operated by Delaware North, this facility follows ADA guidelines.
  • Dining: Cedar Grove Snack Bar offers food service at a standingheight counter. There is indoor and outdoor seating, which may not be wheelchair-accessible.

Last updated: August 14, 2023

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