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Photo of fire truck near a low intensity prescribed burn in mixed-conifer forest.
Mixed-conifer forests in the Sierra Nevada have a history of frequent fire. Park fire managers conduct prescribed burns to reduce logs and debris on the forest floor, thin the trees, and favor establishment of young sequoias and pines. This is a 2014 prescribed burn in Giant Forest.

NPS / Tony Caprio

The fire and fuels management program at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks tries to protect ecosystems and communities. This important work is accomplished by restoring fire's natural role in the environment and by reducing hazardous fuels.

Each year, managers prepare an Annual Fuels Treatment Plan that lists all the approved prescribed burns and mechanical fuel reduction projects that will help the parks accomplish goals.

If you are visiting the parks, be aware that fire and smoke can be present at any time. Since the execution of burns depends on air quality, local fire activity, fuel moistures, and weather, the times listed here are estimates only.

Fuels Projects Table

The table below identifies the planned projects for Calendar Year 2022 and their status. There are 11 projects planned for a total of 3,493 acres. Prescribed broadcast burns are planned for 3,196 acres and manual thin and pile for 301 acres.
Location Unit Name Type Acres Date
Ash Mountain Ash Mountain Manual Thin 20 Throughout 2022
Ash Mountain Ash Mountain Burn 20 Throughout 2022
Giant Forest Hazelwood-Tharps Burn 752 Completed June 2022
Lodgepole Lodgepole Manual Thin 19 July - October
Lodgepole Lodgepole Pile Burn 20 December
Grant Grove Big Stump Pile Burn 80 Completed March 2022
Grant Grove Big Stump Phase 2 Manual Thin 162 July - December
Grant Grove Park Ridge Burn 562 Summer or Fall
Grant Grove Redwood 12 Burn 252 Fall
Lost Grove Lost Grove Burn 669 Fall
Mineral King Deer Creek Burn 941 Late Fall
Water drops out of helicopter amidst smoke and active burning of a wildfire below in shrub and oak vegetation.
Large Chinook helicopter drops water on the Paradise Fire in the foothills of Sequoia National Park, before it merged with Colony Fire to form the KNP Complex on September 17, 2021.

NPS / Mark Garrett

2021 Fire Season

Most of the parks' planned fuels reduction projects could not be completed in 2021 due to drought that impacted burning conditions, and a very active fire season in California, Oregon, and Washington that reduced staffing levels for planned projects. In September 2021, a lightning storm ignited two fires in Sequoia National Park in rugged terrain with limited access. These fires burned together to become the KNP Complex Fire. This fire was a major focus for local park staff as well as interagency management teams who provided support in fire suppression efforts. Learn more about this fire on the KNP Complex Fire web page.

Fire fighters managing a prescribed burn in the foothills of Sequoia National Park
Fire fighters managing a prescribed burn in the foothills of Sequoia National Park

Photo: NPS / R. Paterson

Fire burns in dry grass during a prescribed burn
Fire burns in dry grass during a prescribed burn

Photo: NPS / R. Paterson

2021 Ash Mountain
Prescribed Burn

A fire fighter sets a prescribed burn to dry grasses surrounding a tree
A fire fighter sets a prescribed burn to dry grasses surrounding a tree

Photo: NPS / R. Paterson

These photos show the type of invasive grass that the parks are working to remove to create more defensible space around key areas like the Foothills Visitor Center. By burning it now, we reduce the threat of it becoming an issue as we get into the hotter part of the summer.

Last updated: September 30, 2022

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