2015 Rough Fire Vignettes and Videos

Starting on July 31, 2015 from a lighting strike, the Rough Fire grew to be over 151,000 acres to be the 2nd largest wildfire in modern Sierra Nevada history. The fire was finally contained 99 days later on November 6 and was declared out in the month that followed. At one point, there were over 3,700 fire personnel assigned and the fire grew over 10,000 acres per day.

2015 Rough Fire Vignettes

Staff from the parks have put together a book of short stories (vignettes) on various topics that shares how lessons learned before, during, and after the fire has impacted what we do. Download the free PDF accessible version of the Vignettes of the 2015 Rough Fire to learn more. (PDF-18.5 MB)

2015 Rough Fire Videos

With help from from NPS Volunteer Tyler Vitale, the Fire Information Office at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks created a series of videos to share the story of the Rough Fire. Each tells the story of just one part of this massive wildfire that affected so many lives.
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The ‪Rough Fire‬‬‬ was over 151,000 acres and burned through giant sequoia groves that hadn’t seen fire in decades. Without ‪fire‬‬‬, the cones from these monarchs won’t open, and we’ll be without the next generation of baby sequoias. By ‪understanding‬‬‬ fire’s role in this ecosystem, we can better manage it and the landscapes for future generations.

Last updated: October 12, 2023

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