What Mammal Are You?

American black bear climbing a tree

Sometimes we call animals "charismatic mega-fauna" because they're:
Charismatic (many people love them)
Mega (pretty big)
Fauna (animals).

Have you ever wondered what mammal you would be if you were a charismatic mega-fauna? Wonder no more! Just take this quiz to find out.

Keep track of your answers and find out which mammal you are at the end of the quiz.

As Bs Cs Ds

  1. What’s your favorite food?
    A. I can’t pick a favorite!
    B. I’m vegetarian. Anything fresh and crisp.
    C. A big juicy steak.
    D. Pickles, potato chips, pretzels. Pass the salt, please.
  2. What kind of environment do you like most?
    A. I don’t care as long as there’s food.
    B. Warm but not hot. Cool but not cold. I don’t like snow.
    C. Anywhere as long as there’s lots of space.
    D. Somewhere high with good views.
  3. Do you have a lot of friends?
    A. Just a few I see now and then.
    B. Yes, I like to have my entourage with me at all times.
    C. Nope.
    D. Yes, they get on my nerves sometimes but I still love them.
  4. What’s your favorite part of the day?
    A. Whenever. I sleep when I want, I eat when I want.
    B. Dawn and dusk.
    C. The cover of darkness.
    D. If the sun is out, so am I.
  5. What’s your best quality?
    A. I’m pretty smart.
    B. I’m graceful and athletic.
    C. I’m the strong silent type.
    D. People say I’m cute.
  6. What can you be found doing on your weekend?
    A. Snacking. Maybe a sandwich, a pizza, burger with fries, watermelon, bag of chips, hot dogs…
    B. Getting some beauty rest.
    C. Making my rounds – gotta be sure everything is in order.
    D. Seeing what kind of trouble I can get into.
  7. How many kids do you want?
    A. Two, maybe three. Five max.
    B. I would love twins!
    C. One, if that. I don’t want to create my own competition.
    D. As many as possible! I love kids!
  8. What’s your pet peeve?
    A. Puzzles I can’t figure out.
    B. Surprises.
    C. When someone finds my food stash.
    D. When my neighbors are too loud.
  9. What’s your favorite condiment?
    A. Jam.
    B. Parsley…wait. Is that supposed to be a garnish?
    C. A-1 sauce.
    D. A fine mushroom reduction.
  10. If someone was mean to you, what would you do?
    A. Use an intimidation tactic to scare them.
    B. Run away!
    C. Find a higher ground.
    D. Crawl into a hole and cry.
  11. What’s your favorite subject in school?
    A. Lunch.
    B. Social Studies.
    C. Zoology.
    D. Home Economics.
  12. How would your friends describe you?
    A. Curious but a little smelly.
    B. Nervous and twitchy.
    C. You’d have to ask them. If you can find them.
    D. Just like anyone else, I guess.
  13. What’s your worst quality?
    A. I bite off more than I can chew.
    B. I have a fear of commitment.
    C. I don’t make friends easy.
    D. I’ve been told I’m annoying. Whatever.
  14. What’s the most important thing in your life?
    A. Food. We’ve covered this.
    B. Security.
    C. Freedom.
    D. Community.

What Mammal Are You?

Mostly As
You understand the bear necessities and you enjoy life. No one ever has to twist your arm to go get a snack! Don’t let your curiosity get you in trouble!

Mostly Bs
Darling deer, you are graceful and charismatic. Everyone loves you and you love the attention. Make sure you don’t get caught in the headlights, though!

Mostly Cs
Alright, we get it, you’re a cool cougar. People look up to you, but there’s also an element of intimidation. It doesn’t hurt to come down from your throne sometimes.

Mostly Ds
It’s all about friends and family for you, marmot. You know what you like and who you like and your dedication shows. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!

Next time you are in the park and you see your soul animal, you can give them an understanding nod because you both just get it.

Last updated: April 2, 2021

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