The links between Salem’s economic and social fabric and the history of slavery in the broader Atlantic world are extensive. Salem Maritime’s education program focuses on bringing this history to light. Watch this 10-minute video to learn how we engage with students and teachers to understand and teach this hard history.

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10 minutes, 30 seconds

This film aims to motivate and empower teachers to use primary sources and specific local examples to teach the history of American slavery.

Two people sit at a desk reviewing primary source documents.
Lesson Plans

Explore lesson plans created in collaboration with educators and partners.

A letter written in cursive with ink on yellowed paper.
Primary Sources

Ready-to-use materials prompt students to explore the history of slavery and freedom using primary sources.

A man films to people sitting at a table.

Short teacher and student films to explore stories of slavery and freedom at Salem Maritime.

A 1783 newspaper advertisement.
Slavery and Freedom

Explore a series of articles for further context on Salem's history.

Park Ranger speaks with three adults seated at a table.
Professional Development

Collaborate with us to develop resources for students and teachers.

A park ranger holding an historic image speaks to young people.
Plan a Field Trip

Join us in piloting a program exploring Salem's history of slavery and freedom.

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Last updated: February 1, 2024

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