Our Guiding Principles

  • Preserve and interpret the sites of American and English camps
  • Commemorate the historic events associated with arbitration of the Oregon Boundary Dispute
  • Preserve and protect natural park resources
  • Provide compatible recreational and educational opportunities

Who We Are

As employees of the National Park Service we are tasked with both protecting our land and sharing it with the public. It is a big job that takes a lot of people. Within each national park various offices manage budget and finance, concession operations, visitor protection, interpretation and education, facilities and infrastructure, and the protection and preservation of cultural and natural resources. Our park management team consists of a group of division leaders led by the Park Superintendent.


Enjoy Your Visit and Help Us Preserve The San Juans

You are the reason that San Juan Island National Historical Park exists here today. With your help, we preserve, protect, and manage historical, natural, and cultural resources, and buildings and roads for you, your children, and their grandchildren. Help us by becoming familiar with some of the rules and regulations that are important to a safe and enjoyable visit.


Laws & Policies

Find links to current regulations for San Juan Island NHP on the Laws & Policies page, as well as information on the laws and policies that govern the whole National Park Service.

Last updated: October 31, 2017

Contact the Park

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P.O. Box 429
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(360) 378-2240

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