Jack in the Pulpit wildflower
Close up photo of a Jack in the Pulpit wildflower.

Many species of wildflowers color Saint-Gaudens’ landscape. The red of the Wild Columbine, the purple of the Bottle Gentian, and the white the Starflower make the park a breathtaking sight. Wildflowers are an important food source for a wide variety of wildlife and have many different pollinators. Moths pollinate pale or white flowers with a strong or sweet smell, so they are easy to find at night (Evening-primrose). Flies are lured to flowers that are either white and small, or dark and have foul odors (Red Trillium). Wind pollinated plants have small flowers because they do not need to attract pollinators (Grasses). Hummingbirds are attracted to scentless, often red-tubed flowers (Wild Columbine). Butterflies prefer large or tube-shaped flowers. Smell is not important (Milkweed). Bees visit fragrant flowers that are often yellow, blue, or purple (Black-eyed Susan).

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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