Looking up into the tree canopy
Looking up into the tree canopy in the forest at Saint-Gaudens NHS

Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ home and studios are surrounded by more than one hundred acres of forestland. Most of the forest is upland with a mixture of conifer and deciduous; this is typical of central and south New Hampshire. The natural forest communities consist of Alder-Dogwood-Arrowwood Alluvial Thicket, Hemlock-Beech-Oak-Pine Forest, Hemlock-White Pine Forest, and Semi-rich Mesic Sugar Maple Forest. There are two trails through the forests, the Ravine Trail and the Blow-Me-Down Trail. The Ravine Trail is approximately a fourth of a mile long and follows along part of the Blow-Me-Up Brook. The Blow-Me-Down Trail, which is approximately two miles roundtrip, follows the Blow-Me-Down Brook to the Mill Pond, and has an extension, known as the Sycamore Trail off its north side. The presence of Sycamores is a rare treat for park visitors, as the park is located in the extreme northern range of the species.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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