Professional Development

Professional Development

Recent Professional Development Workshops

The site periodically presents workshop opportunities for teachers that may be used for professional development. Recent Examples include:

June 2012. The park hosted the Civil War Institute (CWI). A project of the Flow of History, the CWI was aimed at upper elementary through High School level teachers and focused on Civil War themes such as manufacturing, the home front, researching the lives of soldiers and memorialization. As Augustus Saint-Gaudens sculpted six public monuments for Civil War figures including the Shaw Memorial, the Admiral David G. Farragut Monument and Abraham Lincoln, the group met at the park the final day. Park staff gave presentations on Saint-Gaudens' Civil War monuments and how teachers can utilize them in various ways with students.


The park occasionally hosts a Teacher-Ranger-Teacher (TRT). The teacher works a minimum of 160 hours at the park during the summer season. The primary duty of the TRT is to undertake an educational project to benefit the educational programs of the park, and to create several lesson plans that teachers can use while exploring the site with their students on field trips. The teacher receives a stipend and an opportunity to work toward graduate credits through a partnership with the University of Colorado, Denver.

To find out more information, please contact Gregory C. Schwarz, chief of Interpretation at the park: (603) 675-2175

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