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Bring your class to Saint-Gaudens NHP or Saint-Gaudens NHP to your classroom! 

Bringing students to the place where Augustus Saint-Gaudens lived and worked allows them to experience the sense of awe and inspiration, the power of place, that visiting a historic site can create. It provides students the opportunity to connect with the lives of generations before them; to hear the echoing voices of the past, giving history immediacy and relevance.

Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park offers programs for all grade levels and strives to provide quality curriculum resources and activities for students, educators and parents.

With nature trails, historic buildings and over 100 pieces of sculpture by Augustus Saint Gaudens, we offer students the opportunity to explore and learn about the history, art, architecture and ecology through a field trip to the site. Bus grants may be available to cover or offset your school’s travel costs. To plan your visit, call the park (603) 675-2175 ext. 100 to schedule a date and time and discuss your options.

In collaboration with our park partners we participate in and offer professional development workshops for educators interested in place-based education. For example, Saint-Gaudens NHP is a part of the Parks for Every Classroom working collaboratively with local teachers, students and communities employing place-based education methods spanning science to art.

Last updated: February 29, 2024

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