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Welcome to the park! We hope your visit is enjoyable, enlightening, fun and safe. Here are several things to consider when visiting.

San Francisco Maritime is located in a busy, urban environment. The walkway (promenade) along the water’s edge is a lively part of the city. Enjoy the spectacular views, and look out for fast-moving bicycles, runners, walkers, baby strollers, skateboards, and uneven pavement.

We like to say we are the only floating national park. The historic vessels are moored along Hyde Street Pier and you board them by walking on gangways. The ships are floating and the gangways move, so please use the handrails. And gangways, decks of ships, even the pier, can become slippery when wet.

Hyde Street Pier is a wonderful place to take a walk but please don’t climb or sit on the wooden railings that line both sides of the pier. And when you are aboard the ships and exploring, always keep at least one foot on deck -- climbing aloft is only for those specially trained and prepared.

Perhaps you have heard of microclimates. You will encounter them in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We suggest you dress in layers, especially during the summer months. On that lovely, warm June day you will be happy for that sweatshirt as the afternoon fog rolls through the Golden Gate and the temperature drops.

When you leave your parked car, take everything with you, or put it out of sight.

See you in the park!

A poster with the message that you should not leave anything of value in your parked car.

San Francisco Police Department

Last updated: February 5, 2015

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