Maritime Voices

Aerial view of a long curved pier enclosing a blue water cove
An Introduction to the Park

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

Sailing vessel on the water, flags flying in the wind
The Park's 1891 Scow Schooner Alma

The 1891 scow schooner Alma sailing on San Francisco Bay.

A motor vessel on the water, painted blue and white, with two men standing at the rear
The Significance of Small Craft

The 1936 Eva B, a 30-foot pleasure craft, making way on San Francisco Bay after being restored in the park's small boat shop.

Black and white photos of the captain and mates surrounding a photo of a ship
The Significance of the Ship Balclutha

The significance of the sailing ship Balclutha, a memorial to the grand age of sail.

Ocean waves crashing onto the deck of a ship with two men hanging on to the ship
Danger & Adventure on the High Seas

The dangers and adventures of sailing on the high seas.

Boxes of cargo stacked on a pier beside a ship, a sling attached to a mast lifting cargo aboard
How sailing ships connected the world

A look at how the sailing ship Balclutha helped to connect the world.

Black and white photo of a man on shore waving to a sailing ship on the water.
The Significance of the C.A. Thayer

Learn about the history and significance of the schooner C.A. Thayer.

Inside a ships hold, heavy wood beams and rivets being installed
The Preservation of the C.A. Thayer

Learn about the restoration of the National Historic Landmark schooner C.A. Thayer.

Black and white photo of a tugboat towing a sailing ship on the ocean,
The Connections Between Sail and Steam

Learn about the connections between sailing ships and steam ships.

Man smoking a pipe while holding rope with a small child beside him on the deck of a ship
Families at Sea

The experiences of women and families at sea.

Huge logs, pile of wood chips, man holding a long saw, machinery in the background
Good Wood: Preserving Ships and Forests

The natural and cultural treasures that the National Park Service preserves.

Group of men standing on the deck of a sailing ship holding various instruments
Maritime History Through Music

Charting a Musical Course Through Maritime History

Last updated: August 3, 2020

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