Inda Frances Durkee as a baby (SAFR P00.08000)
Inda Frances Durkee as a baby (SAFR P00.08000)

NPS photo

Inda Frances Durkee was born aboard ship to Captain Durkee and his wife Alice, during Balclutha's last voyage

A man standing on a sidewalk wearing a three- piece suit.
Thomas C. Fleming, 22 years old, in 1929.

Photo courtesy of Max Millard

Thomas C. Fleming: Black Newsman Went to Sea on the Admiral Line
An illustration of a Hicks engine.
Hicks engine.

NPS Photo SAFR 17336 HDC 1092

James Lee Hicks: Modified and refined the single cylinder, four-stroke gasoline engine

A man standing at the helm of a sailboat.
Kenichi Horie at Hyde Street Pier in 2002

NPS Photo

Kenichi Horie: Japan's Most Famous Yachtsman

Sargent Johnson wearing a hat.
Sargent Claude Johnson


Sargent Claude Johnson: Created artwork for the Aquatic Park Bathhouse Building (Maritime Museum)

A mural showing flying pelicans and a marshy shoreline.
A mural depicting a wind-swept Yelamu village along the lush, marshy edge of San Francisco Bay during the 1770s.

NPS Photo

Native American maritime heritage

Photos of a man and woman in a photo album.
Pete and Hilda Nelson.

NPS Photo

"Whitehead Pete" and Hilda Nelson: Nelson owned the C.A.Thayer 1912-1925

An oil painting of a three-masted sailing ship.
An oil painting of NIANTIC in port at Ningpo, China.

NPS Photo SAFR 22386

George S. Payne: Sailor, Solider, Journalist: He sailed on the first four voyages of the Niantic.

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