Inda Frances Durkee

Black and white photo of the baby seated in a chair in a long white gown
Inda Frances Durkee as a baby (SAFR P00.08000)

NPS photo

On Balclutha's last voyage under the British flag, Captain Durkee’s wife, Alice, gave birth to a daughter on March 11, 1899. They named the little girl Inda Frances because she was born on the Indian Ocean while the ship was bound for San Francisco. We have more material on the Durkee family at the Research Center including a thrilling story about what it was like to be a captain of a sailing vessel at the turn of the century.

Inda Frances Durkee's birth certificate
Inda Frances Durkee birth certificate (SAFR VK140.D8 pam)

NPS photo

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