Hilaire Hiler Sea Hunt

A corner section of a colorful mural on the walls of the Bathhouse lobby.
A section of a dazzling mural that adorns the walls of the Aquatic Park Bathhouse building. It was designed and painted by Hilaire Hiler who spent two years in the late 1930s creating his fantastic vision.



Please come to the Bathhouse building and go on a sea hunt.


See how many of these mural sea items you can find.

___Green-eyed octopus

___Cowrie Shells

___Orange skeleton fish


___Blue Crab

___Fish Net


___Three (3) bubbles

___Jurassic dinosaur skull


___Head of man statue with flowing beard


___Egyptian sign of wealth

___Pink conch shell

___Green slime on log


___Floating heart

___ Three sea eels

___ One large purple eel

___ One large dark green eel

Last updated: November 3, 2017

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