Park Rules and Guidelines

Welcome! The San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park is happy to welcome you on a learning adventure in our park. Whether you are participating in a teacher-guided experience or a ranger-led program, our goal is to help students stay safe and have a positive and engaging learning experience. In order to have a successful field trip, please review the park rules and guidelines below.

For Students:
• Absolutely no running on Hyde Street Pier, aboard the ships, in the Visitor Center, or in the Maritime Museum.
• No climbing on ship rigging and rails along Hyde Street Pier.
• Stay with your group and chaperones while exploring the Park.
• Food and drink are not allowed on the pier, ships, in the Visitor Center, or in the Maritime Museum.
• Only ten students at a time accompanied by an adult may enter the Maritime Store at a time.
• Be mindful of those around you by keeping your voice at an appropriate level.
• Look for signs or ask a ranger before touching objects or artifacts.

For Chaperones:
• Review park rules and guidelines for students and visitors listed above.
• Provide a safe and rewarding visit by following and helping enforce park rules and guidelines.
• Stay with your group at all times. The Park requires one chaperone for every ten children.
• Help keep students safe on the pier and ships by being an active participant and alert of uneven surfaces, narrow passageways, open pier railings, and low overhangs. Serious injury or death could occur from a fall from the pier or ships.
• Review program requirements and agenda with the teachers or group leader before your trip.

For Teachers and Group Leaders:
• Teachers are responsible for ensuring students and chaperones understand and follow park rules. Teachers and chaperones are expected to supervise students at all times. The Park requires one adult chaperone for every ten students.
• We promote a student centered learning environment. You can help us by encouraging students to make the most of their visit through engaging with the activities and asking questions.
• Please communicate any cancellations or schedule changes at least 24 hours in advance to Catelyn Kindred :415-360-4772.
• Beware of changing climate conditions and help make sure everyone is prepared.

Last updated: December 12, 2019

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