Heroines At Sea: Adventures of Sailing Wives

A historic photo of a woman on the deck of a sailing ship using a sextant.
Mrs. Alff Hansen and mate taking sights aboard a barkentine (sailing vessel) built in 1901.

SAFR J09.08059n

Join us for an interesting and fun program aboard the 1886 square-rigged Balclutha.
Saturdays, March 16 and 30, 3-3:30pm.
The program is FREE for those 15 years old or younger and just $5 for others.
When a captain's wife went with her husband to sea during the Age of Sail, the voyage could be routine or she might experience unique and sometimes horrific adventures. How did various Victorian women handle the challenges of life at sea? Hear selected TRUE stories as we tour the ship.

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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