Rigging Crew

Learn and practice traditional sailor's arts and marline spike seamenship. Learn to "worm, parcel and serve, " a process that protects wire rigging on ships. You must enjoy getting dirty and the smell of Stockholm tar.

Learn how to lash and lift heavy loads safely onboard the ships. Understand that riggers also spend alot of time painting, chipping, scraping and cleaning.

Regular volunteers who demonstrate interest, ability and committment may also learn more complicted techniques such as splicing wire and advanced rope work.

The rigging crew lifts a heavy load off the pier and into the hold of the square rigged ship Balclutha.
Riggers aboard the Balclutha moving a fish gutting machine from off the pier and down through the hatch into the ship's hold (below the main deck). The machine is part of an exhibit on the ship called "Cargo is King!"

NPS Photo

Last updated: March 1, 2015

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