Meet the Balclutha at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

May 12, 2017 Posted by: Cleo M., Age 9
Written in her Bayfarer journalism class at 826 Valencia, nine year old Cleo (and daughter of a Park Ranger) shares why she thinks you should visit the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.
Park Ranger and her daughter
Are you bored with your regular every day life?  Come to the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park! 

You would think that it's just an ordinary park where you play on the swings or play tag, but it's actually a place where you can visit historical ships and learn the history of San Francisco that you've never known before.  You can meet six ships named Balclutha, Alma, C.A. Thayer, Hercules, Eureka, and Eppleton Hall. There's even one that sails. You can go into the museum and visitor's center, and maybe even become a Junior Ranger.  But mostly, you can have fun and learn more.

Forty-four-year-old Lucien Sonder is an Outreach Specialist at the Maritime National Historical Park. "I love teaching kids about national parks and helping them learn all about the diverse places they can visit all across our country," she says. "I love getting people excited about history and how it relates to the present day."  

At this park, you can learn about places that you've never known about, and about where the ships came from and what they did, and you can play and have fun. You can see the unfair living conditions between the sailors and the captains.

The park is known for its history in ships and amazing sites. You can see things that you've never seen before, and learn things that you've never learned before. And if you're a fourth grader, you can get an "Every Kid in a Park" pass, and you can take your whole family and friends into the park or any national park in the U.S. for free.

In conclusion, come to the Maritime National Historical Park and have one of the most fun times you have had in your life.

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Last updated: May 12, 2017

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