November 16, 2012 Posted by: Park Guide Kristal Ip

Have you met one of San Francisco's oldest and most infamous residents yet? You will find that this particular resident is usually chilly and a little wet. You can watch it creep over the land and water, blocking the sun and covering up your view. Sailors dislike it, but some plants need it...Yes, I'm talking about FOG!

Whether or not you like fog, it is simply a part of the city, along with the steep hills, barking sea lions, and diverse cultures. Many of the plants here have adapted to the fog and use it as a source of water.  

The San Francisco fog can also be something to admire and inspire.

Listen to the wonderful Judy Garland sing the song "Foggy Day," about another foggy city - London.

Low lying fog under the Golden Gate Bridge.
Now you see it.

Fog obscuring the Golden Gate Bridge.
Now you don't.

"Foggy Day" lyrics:

A foggy day,
in London town,

it had me low, 

and it had me down

I viewed the morning, 

with much alarm, 

the British Museum,

had lost its charm

How long I wondered, 

could this thing last,

but the age of miracles,

it hadn't past

And suddenly, 

I saw you standing right there

And in foggy London town, 

the sun was shining everywhere.

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  1. CB
    November 28, 2012 at 12:38

    cool, i love fog

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