Boating Checklist

Do your part to help stop the spread of zebra mussels:

  • Do not travel upstream past the High Bridge Checkpoint at mile 28.5 north of Stillwater.
  • Remove all aquatic plants and animals from your boat, trailer and accessory equipment (anchors, centerboards, trailer hitch, wheels, rollers, cables and axles) before leaving the boat ramp or marina.
  • Empty your bait bucket on land. Never dump live fish or water into another body of water.
  • Drain all bilge water, live wells and engine compartments.
  • Wash your boat, tackle, downriggers, lines and trailer with hot water (140 degrees).
  • Flush hot water through your motor's cooling system and other boat parts that normally get wet. Let everything dry for seven days in the sun before transporting your boat to another body of water.

Detailed information about zebra mussels can be found in a handout titled, "Stopping the Spread of Zebra Mussels" (pdf), also available at Riverway visitor centers.

    Last updated: April 30, 2019

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