Fire Management

firefighter in yellow shirt and green pants with rake watches small line of fire making sure it stays within the planned boundaries.
Firefighter watches prescribed fire and helps keep it within the planned boundary.
The Fire Management Plan for the Riverway was completed in 2005. An active program of managing park resources through the use of prescribed fire was implemented in 2005 with two burns near Sunrise Ferry. Due to staffing and weather issues, no fires occured in 2006 or 2007. The park plans to resume the use of prescribed fire to enhance prairie and savanna habitats in 2008.

The Fire Management Plan describes the need to continue to aggressively suppress all unplanned wildfire on NPS lands while allowing for the use of planned prescribed fire for habitat restoration and hazard fuel management.

Fire Management Plan(578KB)

Appendix A B C-References, Definitions & Species (65KB)

Appendix D-Environmental Assesment(762KB)

Appendix D-NEPA (15KB)

Appendix D-NEPA FONSI (112KB)

Appendix E-Prescribed Burn and Hazard Fuel Reduction (1276KB)

Appendix F G-Monitoring Plan and Riverway Specific (17KB)

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