Special Use Permits

Many requests for special use permits are received from a variety of individuals and groups seeking to use the park for various reasons. It is the policy of the National Park Service to allow Special Uses that are not in conflict with law or policy; will not result in derogation of the values and purposes for which the park was established; do not present a threat to public safety or property; and do not unduly interfere with normal park operations, resource protection, or visitor use. Additionally, it is the policy of San Antonio Missions National Historical Park to issue commercial filming, commercial photography and non-commercial still photography permits when the activity is consistent with the protection and public enjoyment of park resources.

These guidelines have been established by the Superintendent of San Antonio Missions for managing commercial filming, commercial photography, and non-commercial photography. Contact Park Headquarters for more information at 210-534-8833 or contact us by email.

Guidelines for Commercial Filming, Commercial Photography, and Non-commercial Photography

There are two different forms for Special Use Permits depending on the complexity of the event. Please view both forms to determine which best fits your request.

Special Use Permit Application Short Form

Special Use Permit Application Long Form

Use of Park areas for First Amendment activities also requires a permit.

First Amendment Permit Application

Last updated: September 7, 2018

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