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The weather in Bridgeport, Alabama is mild. The average temperature in the winter is in the low 50's. The average summer temperature is in the high 80's. We receive about 50 inches of rain each year. Snowfall varies, but only lasts a few days per event.

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There is not an entrance fee to this park.

Gilbert Grosvenor Visitor Center

Begin your exploration of the park in the visitor center. Pick up a park brochure for more information about the cave shelter and hiking trails. Watch a 7 minute film about the early inhabitants of Russell Cave and view the artifacts that were excavated from the cave shelter. Check out the Eastern National bookstore that has an assortment of books and souvenirs for adults and children.


At 7.5 miles, Russell Cave is the 3rd longest cave in Alabama although it is the history of the people that lived here that has made this site nationally significant. Aside from Russell Cave there are over 1500 caves that have been explored in Jackson County. This calculates to more caves per square mile than anywhere else in America. Caving is permitted in many north Alabama caves however; access to Russell Cave is limited to the geologically unusual cave entrance. This flat, protected space is where artifacts have been found dating back to some of the earliest human occurrences in North America.

Last updated: March 10, 2016

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