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In addition to your first stop at the Rosie the Riveter Visitor Education Center, we have created various self-guided audio and GPS-based tours that are provided through the official NPS App. These tours are your guide to history and learning outside of the visitor center and in the city of Richmond.

There are a number of historic sites and places of interest around Richmond that are part of the WWII Home Front story. Since the park is not currently offering shuttle tours to these areas, we wanted to provide a way for visitors to explore and learn on their own.

Features of the Self-Guided Tours

  • Audio Programs
  • In-App Map location points and GPS Navigation (through your smart phone's navigation app).

The NPS app allows us to provide audio programs combined with map placement and even GPS navigation on your phone. When you select a tour in the "Self-Guided Tours" section of our park's place in the NPS app, you will see a "Start Audio Program" button. For more information, follow the "Quick Guide", below.

Three screenshots of the NPS app, focused on our park, that have arrows indicating where to touch for finding the self-guided tours.
After downloading the app, follow these steps to find our park and the Self-guided tours. 1. After finding the park in the app, click the "Explore Full Park" button if you are new to the app. 2. From our menu, select the "Self-Guided Tours" button and select a tour.

Installing the App and Finding the Park

1. Download the free app from one of these links:

2. Find A Park - Launch the app, once installed. If it is your first time installing the app, you will need to swipe through some intro screens before seeing the "Find A Park" button. When you click on that button, type in "Rosie" in the search bar at the top, in order to pull up the full name listing for our park. Select it.

3. Explore Full Park - Once you've selected our park in the search results, click the Explore Full Park button to open up our park menu.

4. Select "Self-Guided Tours" - This icon may change from time to time but the title will stay the same. Select this button to pull up a list of the available tours. Then select the tour of your choice.

Iphone NPS app screenshots with arrow guides.
How to navigate the tours. 1. click green button to play audio. 2. After file is played, swipe left to see directions to next stop. You can tap the box to open phone navigation prompt. 3. Swipe left to continue to next audio stop.

Navigating Our Self-Guided Tours

These tours are designed to work with your smart phone's speakers and navigation app. Some of the tours contain walking but most have driving components. If your vehicle is equipped with the technology, the app can play the audio on your vehicle's speakers and help you to navigate through your vehicle's GPS navigation system. Not all stops need use of your navigation app.

1. "Start Audio Tour" - The fast way to begin a tour is to select the "Start Audio Tour" button at the bottom of the screen.

2. Playing the Audio - Once you've selected the "Start Audio Tour" button, you will now see a screen with a map that contains numbered stops that correspond to the current audio program/stop. There will be a small window at the bottom that contains a title and a play button shaped like a sidways triangle.

3. Your First Stop - The first audio program of a tour is often an introduction program that can be listened to on your way to the first location or even at home before you leave. The app requires that we add a map location for every audio program, so we sometimes locate those intro programs at the visitor center or general locations such as Shipyard No. 3. Once you're finished with that first audio file, you can swipe left to see the next directions, which can be expanded by tapping the little window and opening your phone's navigation app. If you're on a walking tour (or in the Shipyard, for instance), you can just look at the NPS app map that is included with the tour and navigate by the dot on the map and any written guidance, insted of opening your phones navigation.

4. Continue to Swipe left - For each additional stop, just continue to listen to each program and then swipe left for the directions.


Important Tips and Safety Information

Your Safety is Our Number One Priority!

This is a new way for visitors to explore the city of Richmond's many historic sites that are part of the park and WWII Home Front History. Please read through these tips before embarking on any tour. You may also call the visitor center with questions.

1. Drive Safely! - Accidents can happen when drivers take their eyes off the road. Please do not interact with this app while you are driving, unless you have a fellow passenger to do so. It's okay to drive with the navigation on and even listen to the audio programs, but if driving alone, please engage with the app only when safely pulled over. Please do not pause in the road to take photos or pull over in areas where the law prohibts it. Stop in a safe location in order to photograph any sites.

2. Please Respect Property and Posted Laws - The NPS does not own any of the sites listed in this app. Many of these locations can only be viewed from the outside, while others have open times or reservations only. For instance, the SS Red Oak Victory hip can be boarded on Sundays during posted hours, but viewed from the outside (in the shipyard) during the rest of the week. Many sites are privately owned and uninhabited historic buildings, while some are working businesses and schools.

3. Mind your Vehicle and Belongings - As with any city or tour, please be aware of your vehicle and your surroundings. Your belongings should be with you or safely stored out of sight.

Tips for Enjoying Your Tour

1. Pre-download the app and test it before you leave home.
2. Listen to the "Learn at Home" self-guided audio programs before you take your first tour or even visit the visitor center. In the NPS app, this tour has map locations but can be enjoyed while sitting at home or traveling.
3. If you are just doing a walking tour, you can use your headphones or ear buds to help hear these programs outside.
4. We are adding new audio tours over time. Check back often.
5. Contact Us with Feedback - We will be working on ways to improve the tours. Let us know if you enjoyed the programs or have suggestions for improvements.

Last updated: October 3, 2023

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