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General Management Plan

The Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park General Management Plan was released in January of 2009. The plan explores three different alternatives for developing and managing the new national park in Richmond, California; Alternative B, Explore Richmond to Understand the National Home Front Story, has been identified as the "preferred alternative." Although the official comment period closed on April 29, 2009, we invite you to review the plan and share your thoughts with us on how to begin implementing the concepts expressed in the plan.

Download the plan:
Cover, Abstract and Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Background
Chapter 2 Historic Overview
Chapter 3 The Alternatives
Chapter 4 Impact Topics and Affected Environment
Chapter 5 Environmental Consequences
Chapter 6 Consultation and Coordination with Others

The Plan is also available on the NPS "Planning, Environment and Public Comment Website":

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FONSI signed on July 27, 2009:
Finding of No Significant Impact
Environmental Assessment
RORI General Management Plan


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