Belted Kingfisher

Female Belted Kingfisher perched on branches along the shore of Sprague Lake.
Female Belted Kingfisher perched on a branch along the shore of Sprague Lake.

NPS Photo / Rachel Ames

Size: 11-14”
Description: Mostly powder blue with a white belly, blue breast band, white spotting on the wings and tail, and a white spot in front of the eye. Females also have a rusty band on the chest.
Migratory Status: Year-round residents of Rocky Mountain National Park provided that the rivers and lakes are free of ice.
Habitat: Live near lakes and slow-moving rivers to 9,000 feet.
Diet: Forage by perching on branches above the water and diving in to catch prey of fish and other aquatic animals.

Last updated: August 23, 2018

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