Vistas-Rocky's Newsletter

Mountain bluebird flying with juniper berry in beak


May 2015
(1.1M PDF)

  • Old Fall River Road scheduled to re-open
  • 100th Anniversary Programs continue
  • NPS Valor Award for Rocky employees
  • Backcountry camping fee changes
  • Reroutes and repairs to flood damaged trails
Park Rangers on Horseback underneath a Centennial Banner


November 2014
(964K PDF)

  • Flood Repair Progress
  • Rocky Partnerships
  • 100th Anniversary Kickoff
  • Summer Eagle Rock Interns
  • 2015 fee increases
Wildflower meadow with mountain backdrop


June 2014
(1438K PDF)

  • Green shuttle bus fleet
  • Rocky Mountain Conservancy
  • Nitrogen Deposition
  • Environmental Education
  • Search and Rescue Heroes

Winter sunrise on the mountains


December 2013

  • Flood impacts
  • End of road construction
  • Management update
  • Alpine Ridge Trail re-opens
  • Big Meadows Fire
  • Birds without borders

May 2013
(468K PDF)

  • Bear Lake Road construction Wrap-up
  • Fern Lake Fire update
  • Forest Stewardship
  • Aircraft overflights
  • Elk and Vegetation Management update

lake reflects yellow aspen trees and white peaks


November 2012
(732K PDF)

  • Fern Lake Fire
  • Grand Ditch restoration proposal
  • National Geographic BioBlitz 2012
  • Researcher Jill Baron awarded
  • Fire Management Plan
  • Rocky visits sister park in Poland
yellow and purple wildflowers


May 2012
(997K PDF)

  • Shuttle Bus Information
  • Windblown trees on trails
  • Trail update 2012
  • International connections
  • Tread lightly in wilderness

elk search for food under the snow


November 2011
(732K PDF)

  • Beaver Meadows Visitor Center Renovation
  • Alpine Hotshots 30th Anniversary
  • Youngest Artist-in-Residence
  • New Park and Ride in Estes Park
  • New Sister Park Agreement


May 2011
(700K PDF)

  • Trail Ridge Road opening delay
  • Bears and food storage
  • Hazard tree mitigation
  • Heart of the Rockies education program
  • Elk fences in the park

Winter Landscape


January 2011
(725K PDF)

  • Trail Ridge Road construction completed
  • Rocky reduces energy consumption
  • Cow Creek Fire
  • Elk and vegetation management
  • 2010 was a busy year for incidents

winter cliffs


May 2010
(558K PDF)

  • Trail Ridge Road resurfacing
  • 2012 Biennial Research Conference
  • Artist-In-Residence program
  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  • Grand Ditch breach public meetings

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