Other Algae (Excluding Diatoms)

This list is from a publication by Whitford and Kim (1971). The taxonomy has not been updated from that publication. The diatoms have been omitted, but a much more recent list is provided on the Rocky Mountain National Park Diatoms page.

Scientific Name
Chlorophyceae Ankistrodesmus falcatus (Corda) Ralfs
Chlorophyceae Ankistrodesmus spiralis (Turn.) Lemm.
Chlorophyceae Aphanochaete repens A.Br.
Chlorophyceae Botryococcus braunii Kutz.
Chlorophyceae Bulbochaete nordstedtii f. suberecta Collins
Chlorophyceae Bulbochaete sp.
Chlorophyceae Chlamydomonas nivalis Chod.
Chlorophyceae Chlamydomonas sp.
Chlorophyceae Closterium cornu Ehr.
Chlorophyceae Closterium costatum Corda
Chlorophyceae Closterium dianae Ehr.
Chlorophyceae Closterium didymotocum Corda
Chlorophyceae Closterium kuetzingii Breb.
Chlorophyceae Closterium lunula Nitz.
Chlorophyceae Closterium lunula var. maximum Borge
Chlorophyceae Closterium striolatum Kutz.
Chlorophyceae Closteriopsis longissima Lemm.
Chlorophyceae Cosmarium blytii Wille
Chlorophyceae Cosmarium botrytis Menegh.
Chlorophyceae Cosmarium crenatum Ralfs
Chlorophyceae Cosmarium dentatum Wolle
Chlorophyceae Cosmarium margaritatum (Lund.) Roy & Biss.
Chlorophyceae Cosmarium nasutum Nord.
Chlorophyceae Cosmarium orthostichum Lund.
Chlorophyceae Cosmarium pseudobroomei Wolld
Chlorophyceae Cosmarium pygmaeum Arch.
Chlorophyceae Cosmarium rectangulare Grun.
Chlorophyceae Cosmarium reniforme (Ralfs) Arch.
Chlorophyceae Cosmarium staurastroides var. porosum Scott & Presc.
Chlorophyceae Cylindrocystis americana var. minor W & G.S. West
Chlorophyceae Dictyosphaerium pulchellum Wood
Chlorophyceae Euastrum bidentatum Nag.
Chlorophyceae Euastrum denticulatum ? (Kirch.) Gay
Chlorophyceae Hyalotheca dissiliens (Smith) Breb.
Chlorophyceae Microspora pachyderma (Wille) Lagerh.
Chlorophyceae Microspora tumidula Hazen
Chlorophyceae Mougeotia sp.
Chlorophyceae Netrium digitus (Ehr.) Itz.
Chlorophyceae Oedogonium tapeinosporum ? Wittr.
Chlorophyceae Oocystis sp.
Chlorophyceae Pandorina morum Bory
Chlorophyceae Pediastrum boryanum (Turp.) Menegh.
Chlorophyceae Pediastrum boryanum var. longicorne Racib.
Chlorophyceae Pediastrum boryanum var. perforatum Racib.
Chlorophyceae Pediastrum integrum Nag.
Chlorophyceae Pediastrum tetras (Ehr.) Ralfs
Chlorophyceae Planktosphaeria gelatinosa G. M. Smith
Chlorophyceae Scenedesmus bijuga (Turp.) Lagerh.
Chlorophyceae Scenedesmus dimorphus (Turp.) Kutz.
Scenedesmus obliquus (Turp.) Kutz.
Chlorophyceae Schroederia setigera Lemm.
Chlorophyceae Scotiella cryophila Chodat
Chlorophyceae Selenastrum westii G. M. Smith
Chlorophyceae Sphaerocystis schroeteri Chod.
Chlorophyceae Sphaerozosma granulatum Roy & Biss.
Chlorophyceae Spirogyra crassa ? Kutz.
Chlorophyceae Spirogyra sp.
Chlorophyceae Staurastrum arctiscon var. glabrum W. & G. S. West
Chlorophyceae Staurastrum margaritaceum (Ehr.) Menegh.
Chlorophyceae Staurastrum paradoxum Meyen
Chlorophyceae Staurastrum punctulatum Breb.
Chlorophyceae Staurastrum sp.
Chlorophyceae Stigeoclonium sp.
Chlorophyceae Volvox aureus Ehr.
Chlorophyceae Zygnema sp.
Chrysophyceae Chlorellidium separabilis Pasch.
Chrysophyceae Dinobryon sertularia Ehr.
Chrysophyceae Epipyxis utriculus Ehr.
Chrysophyceae Synura sphagnicola Korsch.
Chrysophyceae Pseudokephyrion pseudospirale Bourr.
Cryptophyceae Chilomonas sp.
Cryptophyceae Cryptomonas obovata Skuja
Cryptophyceae Cryptomonas sp.
Cyanophyceae Anabaena flos-aquae (Lyng.) Breb. Click here
Cyanophyceae Anabaena limnetica G. M. Smith Click here
Cyanophyceae Anabaena oscillarioides Bory. Click here
Cyanophyceae Aphanocapsa pulchra (Kutz.) Rabh.
Cyanophyceae Chroococcus varius A. Br. Click here
Cyanophyceae Cylindrospermum americana var. minor Cush. Click here
Cyanophyceae Fischerella muscicola (Borzi) Gomont Click here
Cyanophyceae Gloeocystis nostochinearum Itzig.
Cyanophyceae Nodularia sp. Click here
Cyanophyceae Nostoc muscorum C. A. Ag. Click here
Cyanophyceae Nostoc paludosum Kutz. Click here
Cyanophyceae Oscillatoria limnetica ? Lemm. Click here
Cyanophyceae Spirulina laxa G. M. Smith Click here
Cyanophyceae Tolypothrix lanata Wartm. Click here
Cyanophyceae Tolypothrix penicilliata (Ag.) Thuret Click here
Dinophyceae Ceratium hirundinella (OFM) Schrank
Dinophyceae Peridinium volzii Lemm.
Dinophyceae Peridinium willei Huit-Kass
Eugenophyceae Euglena acus Ehr.
Eugenophyceae Euglena tripteris (Duj.) Klebs
Eugenophyceae Euglena proxima Dang.
Eugenophyceae Euglena sp.
Eugenophyceae Lepocinclis ovum var. buetschlii Lemm.
Eugenophyceae Lepocinclis sp.
Eugenophyceae Phacus brevicauda (Klebs) Lemm.
Eugenophyceae Phacus undulatus (Skuja) Pochm.
Eugenophyceae Trachelomonas abrupta (Swir.) Defl.
Eugenophyceae Trachelomonas dubia (Swir.) Defl.
Eugenophyceae Trachelomonas hispida (Perty) Stein
Eugenophyceae Trachelomonas intermedia Dang.
Eugenophyceae Trachelomonas nigra Swir.
Eugenophyceae Trachelomonas oblongata var. attenuata Playf.
Eugenophyceae Trachelomonas superba (Swir.) Defl.
Xanthophyceae Botrydium granulatum Greve.
Xanthophyceae Ophiocytium parvulum (Perty) A.Br.
Xanthophyceae Tribonema bombycinum (Ag.) Derbes & Sol.
Xanthophyceae Tribonema minus (Wolle) Hazen

Whitford, L. A. and Yoon C. Kim. 1971. Algae from Alpine Areas in Rocky Mountain National Park. Am. Midl. Naturalist 85(2):425-430.


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