Liverworts List

Photo of Liverwort marchantia polymorpha with round capsules.
Liverwort marchantia polymorpha with round capsules.

NPS Photo

Liverworts (Division Bryophyta, Class Hepaticae) are multicellular, photosynthetic, terrestrial or semiaquatic plants in which connective tissue is lacking or poorly developed. This list of liverworts documented from Rocky Mountain National Park was compiled by William Weber from the University of Colorado-Boulder Herbarium material, and supplemented with an existing park list compiled from unknown sources. The list has not yet been updated with the recent annotations by Hong of material in the COLO Herbarium.
Scientific Name
Aneuraceae Aneura pinguis (Riccardia) Photo courtesy D.S. Rycroft
Antheliaceae Anthelia juratzkana
Aytoniaceae Asterella ludwigii
Cleveaceae Athalamia hyalina (Clevea)
Blepharostomaceae Blepharostoma trichophyllum
Calypogeiaceae Calypogeia neesiana
Cephaloziaceae Cephalozia bicuspidata NPS Photo
Cephaloziaceae Cephalozia pleniceps
Cephaloziellaceae Cephalozia divaricata (C. byssacea)
Cephaloziellaceae Cephalozia hampeana
Geocalycaceae Chiloscyphus pallescens (C. fragilis)
Conocephalaceae Conocephalum conicum NPS Photo
Gymnomitriaceae Gymnomitrion corallioides
Jungermanniaceae Jungermannia exsertifolia (J. cordifolia)
Jungermanniaceae Jungermannia leiantha (J. lanceolata of lit.)
Jungermanniaceae Jungermannia pumila (Solenostoma)
Jungermanniaceae Jungermannia sphaerocarpa (Solenostoma)
Lepidoziaceae Lepidozia reptans NPS Photo
Geocalycaceae Lophocolea minor
Lophoziaceae Lophozoia alpestris
Lophoziaceae Lophozoia ascendens
Lophoziaceae Lophozoia barbata (Barbilophozia)
Lophoziaceae Lophozoia collaris
Lophoziaceae Lophozoia guttulata
Lophoziaceae Lophozoia hatcheri (Barbilophozia)
Lophoziaceae Lophozoia heterocolpa
Lophoziaceae Lophozoia incisa NPS Photo
Lophoziaceae Lophozoia longidens
Lophoziaceae Lophozoia lycopodioides (Barbilophozia)
Lophoziaceae Lophozoia obtusa
Lophoziaceae Lophozoia opacifolia
Lophoziaceae Lophozoia ventricosa
Lophoziaceae Lophozoia wenzelii
Marchantiaceae Marchantia alpestris
Marchantiaceae Marchantia polymorpha NPS Photo
Gymnomitriaceae Marsupella sphacelata
Pelliaceae Pellia endiviifolia
Plagiochilaceae Plagiochila porelloides (P. asplenoides of reports) Photo courtesy D.S. Rycroft
Porellaceae Porella cordaeana (P. platyphylla of lit.)
Radulaceae Radula complanata
Aneuraceae Riccardia multifida
Scapaniaceae Scapania curta
Scapaniaceae Scapania cuspiduligera
Scapaniaceae Scapania fulfordii
Scapaniaceae Scapania irrigua
Scapaniaceae Scapania subalpina
Scapaniaceae Scapania undulata
Lophoziaceae Tritomaria exsectiformis


Hermann, Frederick J. 1987. The bryophytes of Rocky Mountain National Park. Mem. N.Y. Bot. Gard. 45:219-231.
Hong, Won Shic. 1980. The Hepaticae of Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Bryologist 83: 351-354.


Last updated: February 24, 2015

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