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In the past, Rocky Mountain National Park published Tidbits via the Internet. These Tidbits have been updated and are now a part of the Fun Facts pages which are listed on this page and also on the Fun Facts page in the For Kids section. The original idea was that the Tidbit page would provide a bit of information and some attractive pictures about a natural history topic, an answer to the "burning question of the week," or an event in the park. We have specifically tried to size some of the more attractive large photos to be made into wallpaper for your computer screen (by right clicking on the picture and selecting "Set as background"). As a result, we hope you find Fun Facts informative and useful.

The following links are to a variety of Fun Facts which your students might enjoy.

Environment and Ecosystems
Aquatic Plants and Animals
Attacking CWD
The Blessing of Snow
Clouds and Fog
The Dakota Hogback
Deers with Collars
Effects of the Snowstorm on RMNP
Effects of the Drought on RMNP
Jumping Genes
Keeping All the Parts
Mired in Peatlands
Plant Succession
Preparing for Winter
Rushing Streams and Roaring Waterfalls
Ultraviolet Colors?
Visit from a Greek God (Boreal Forests)

Abert's Squirrels
Animal Camouflage
Antelope Seen in the Park (Pronghorn Antelope)
A Beer Drinking Bird?
A Bird in Hand: A New Species for the Park (Hummingbirds)
The Bluebirds Return
The Buzz about Summer (Bees)
Christmas Bird Count
Common Names (Plants and Animals)
Eagle Chicks
Elk Jockeys (Magpies Riding Elk)
Garbage Kills Bears
Great Horned Owls
How Did the Deer Get in the Tree?
The Hummingbird Family
Magpies Begin Courtship Early
New Arrivals (Elk, Moose, Antelope)
The Pine Seed War (Seed Dispersal)
Red-tailed Hawks
Warning Coloration
What's Humming in the Park?
When Deer and Elk Compete
White-tailed Deer Seen in RMNP
Why Do the Elk Look So Scruffy?

Cacti Are in Bloom
Common Names (Plants and Animals)
Common Wildflower Families
Controlling Weeds
The Iris Family in the Park
Jumping Genes
Late Summer Wildflowers
The Lily Family
Little Pink Elephants
New Vegetation Map
Pine Pollen Season is on the Way
Ponderosa Pine
Revegetation Efforts
A Riot of Wildflowers
Sedges have Edges
So Many Different Flowers
Some Plants Aren't Green
Stamens and Pistils 101
Stamens and Pistils 102
Wildflower Dreams


A. Pendarves Vivian
Changing Modes of Transportation
The Earl of Dunraven
Happy Birthday RMNP
Harbison Ranch
Isabella Bird's 1873 Visit
A Little Bit of Architecture: The Phone Booth at McGraw Ranch
Living Walls: Frank Lloyd Wright's Influence on Rocky's Headquarters Building
Rocky's Historic Trails
RMNP Museum Storage Facility
Stephen Harriman Long
William Allen White
A Woman of Firsts: Judge Florence Allen

911 Emergency!
Acute Mountain Sickness
Artist-in-Residence Program
Entrance Stations and Visitor Centers
Escape Hybrid Vehicles
Ever Wonder Who Cleans the Toilets?
A Few Committed People: Celebrating Natural Sounds
Happy 90th Anniversary, Rocky Mountain National Park
Hardworking Horses and Mules
Historic Buildings
The Horses and Mules are Back!
Lightning Safety in the High Country
Making Decisions
Opening Trail Ridge Road
Search and Rescue
Trail Ridge Road Opens Early
War on Weeds
Why is Pettingell Lake Closed to Fishing this Week?

Bear Research
Beep...Beep...Tracking Frogs
Citizen Science
Elk Bugles
Hummingbird Survey
Intensity of Fall Colors
McGraw Research Center Opens
Mountain Lion Research
The Nerd Herd
The Pine Seed Wars (Seed Dispersal)
Researching the Past

Autumn Begins Early
Colors in the Sky (Sunrises and Sunsets)
The Color of Winter
Fall Colors
Fall is in the Air
Green Fades to Gold
Hints of Spring
Looking for Spring
Observing the Winter Weather
The Reds of Autumn
The Summer of Monsoon Rains
Winter Solstice

Volunteers & Youth Groups
American Conservation Corps
Bighorn Brigade
Chow Busters
Citizen Science
The Elk Bugle Corps
The Information Office
The Nerd Herd
Road Hogs

Last updated: April 22, 2021

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