Distance Learning

A ranger giving a distance learning program on screen
Invite a ranger into your classroom- virtually!

Can't get a bus? Live too far away? Weather too cold? You can still explore Rocky Mountain National Park with your students! The Education and Outreach Team at Rocky has worked hard to develop short videos on a variety of topics to help you introduce a lesson, prepare for your field trip, or bring Rocky Mountain National Park into your classroom to enhance your curriculum. We also offer free, interactive distance learning programs that you and your students can participate in virtually using programs like Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts. See our virtual programs flyer for current offerings.

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10 minutes, 15 seconds

Rocks are one of the things that makes Rocky special - so much so that they are in our park's name!  Join Education Ranger Meredith for trip back in geologic time to explore a few of the unique geologic features of RMNP.

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4 minutes, 19 seconds

Younger students will love this look at the geologic history and rock types of RMNP.  Join Education Ranger Lana and Ricky the Rock for this fun and engaging journey looking back at Ricky's life.

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10 minutes, 40 seconds

Scientists use transect lines to study plant and animal community changes in an area over time.  In this video, we join Education Rangers Jess and Kathy to prepare for your fire succession field experience or just to learn how we can use transect lines and their procedures.

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12 minutes, 21 seconds

Join Education Ranger Jo on a journey through the 4 ecosystems of Rocky Mountain National Park.  Watch this video to prepare for your Great Ecosystem Adventure field experience or just for a fun and engaging overview of Rocky's ecosystems.

Last updated: February 15, 2018

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