Youth Exploring Science (YES!)

Two high school students sit in meadow looking through binoculars.
Youth Exploring Science provides hands-on science experiences for students.


The CCRLC Youth Exploring Science (YES!) program incorporates training and protocols from our citizen science program with focused and intensive exploration of the scientific method. Students learn the scientific method, develop hypotheses, conduct field surveys, and analyze data to test their hypotheses. Large datasets from the common loon and high country citizen science projects are used during their analysis, helping students to understand how scientists use field data to answer real-world research questions.

YES! is geared toward high school and college students, but also serves other participating youth groups and professional educators. Instruction is curriculum-based and aims to empower students to put science into action. Field studies allow youth to experience the fields of widlife biology and ecology and begin to understand the role of resource managers in making management decisions based on science.

To find out more about YES! and other hands-on science opportunities for students, contact the Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center's citizen science coordinator.

Last updated: January 13, 2017